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Storied wandering (Forteljarvegen) 2019


This year our storied wandering takes us from the mountains to the fjords, from Østerbø through Aurlandsdalen to Sinjarheim and out to Aurlandsvangen and the fjordlandscape of the UNESCO world heritage of Nærøyfjorden.


Monday 22. July: We meet at Østerbø. Some will come at different times, but we will share dinner together in the evening around 18.00. Lodging: Aurlandsdalen turisthytta (DNT): Full lodge, dinner, shower and breakfast (incl. Lunchpack) with all having DNT discount: NOK 931 pr person in 4- persons rooms or one 6-person room.

Tuesday 23. July: We hike down the Aurlandsdalen to Sinjarheim, and we will stay at this beautiful old farm. You would need a sleeping bag here. See Sinjarheim: If some would want to stay in tent, that would be fine.

Wednesday 24. July: We hike down to Vassbygdi and out to Aurland. Here we will stay at either campground:; cabins: or “motel”: We are staying 2 nights until Friday. At Lunde the price for 4-person cabin is NOK 750 pr night.

Thursday 25. July: This day we will use in Nærøyfjorden, and we will try a rowboat, we will hear the stories of people living in the fjord and walk parts of the old postal route.

Friday 26. July: A place-based story-telling workshop at Sogn Jord og hagebruksskolen. We will also get an guided tour of the history of the school.

Price: kr 1500 pr person. This is for shared costs, overnight and dinner and breakfast at Sinjarheim, rowing boat and arrangements. NB! The participants need to arrange and pay for lodging at Østerbø (1 night) and Aurland (2 nights) themselves: (check above links). They will also need to pay for ferry to Nærøyfjorden and their own cost (besides dinner and breakfast at Sinjarheim).

Transportation: Arrive: 22. July: From Ål train station 12 pm to Østerbø (arrive 13.30). Departure: 26. July: Bus to Østerbø at 16.46, Train: 17.25 from FLåm over Myrdal, arrive Ål 20.25.

Contact: Jorunn Barane ( 00 47 97 00 59 51; Per Ingvar Haukeland ( ph: 00 47 46 42 01 29.

HOW TO SIGN UP: Send an email/sms to Jorunn or Per Ingvar by 20 juni! BUT, send it in as soon as you can, and let us know: 1) name of participant(s) og 2) how you plan to arrive and leave.

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Later Event: July 25
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